Booking (1)

How can I book a surf trip or surf lessons?

Fill in the online form or emails us on Balisurfinstructors@gmail.com and we email you back to discuss your requirements and confirm your booking.

What do I need to bring? (2)

What will i need to bring?

You will need to bring swimware, either bikini or board shorts, Zinc (if required) and a towel. We will provide you with rash shirt and sun cream and mineral water. Boards and leg rope are included in the cost of surf lessons. You can bring your own board for surf trips or we can rent you a board for as little as $5 a day.

Are there towels provided?

Towels are not provided for surf trips or lessons, so pack your favourite beach towel.

Insurance (1)

What insurance should I take out?

Everyone should have a travel health insurance. Apart from treatment expenses and drugs on location, this also covers return transport by an emergency service. You insurance must be arranged before you arrive in Bali , it is not possible to arrange once you are here. Make sure your insurance covers sports and activities plus hospital daily benefits and a travel and baggage insurance. Check out Indo Surf and Lingo website for more info on insurance available from as little as $6 per day.


Payment (1)

How do I pay for lessons or surf trips?

You can pay in US$ or Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) on your first day. The fluctuating exchange rate is approx. 13.000 Rupiah for US1. We do not accept credit cards yet but we are working on it.

Surfing (9)

Can i bring my own surfboard or rent one for surf trips?

Yes it is best to bring you own board and you just need to make sure your airline do not charge you too much as it may be cheaper to rent one here. We have a number of boards to rent or we can help you find one to rent from one of the surf shops for cheap rates. Any damage to rented surf boards will be charged as follows

Note repair costs (always depends on the extent and severity of the ding):

  • Small ding: approx. 40,000 Rp.
  • Medium-sized ding: approx. 80,000 Rp.
  • Large ding: approx. 100,000 Rp.
  • Fin broken or loose: 75,000 Rp.
  • Snapped board : 800,000 Rp.

How many surf lessons will i need before i can go out on my own and catch green waves?

At the end of your first lesson you will have learned to stand up and catch broken white wash waves. If you want to learn more about paddle out, timing and catching small green wave , we recommend 3 to 5 days.

Do I need a wetsuit on Bali?

With water temperatures between 27 and 30°C you can easily leave your wetsuit at home.

What qualifications do the instructors / Guides have?

The guides / instructors are ASI level one qualified and have excellent local knowledge of all the surf spots. They also have up to date Bronze life guard training and surf rescue plus senior first aid certificates. So you will be in safe hands.

Do I need my own equipment for surf lessons?

Soft top board are supplied for all surf lessons and if you wish to rent board after class to practice our low rates of $5 for the day make it very easy.

When do surf trips start?

Depending on the tide times and the travel time to the surf spot, surf trips tend to leave early between 6am and 8am. 7 days a week.

Where do the surf trips go?

With over 40 surf spots in Bali, it is possible to find good waves all year round, with the west side of the island best from April to October during the dry season. The trade winds change from November to March giving the east side the better surf conditions. Trips will also be dependent on the skill level of the group and places like Uluwata will only for advanced surfers especially during big swells.

What time are the surf lesson?

Beginner surf lessons are on the low tides and the intermediate lessons will be on mid tides , so class times will vary, but are available 7 days a week. You don’t need to do consecutive days and can take breaks to relax or do tours and other activities.

Are the Bali waves ok for beginners?

The endless surf spots on Bali have the right wave for all levels. Kuta’s mile-long beach and some very soft reef breaks are ideal for beginners. If the swell is too big at the beach our surf guides always know the one or other spot with nice little breaks for our beginners.

Transfers (3)

How do we get to surf lesson?

We pick you up from your hotel and drop you back after class, if you wish to stay longer on the beach you will have to make your own way back.

Is there a charge for transfers for surf lessons?

Pick up and drop off is free in the following areas, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta and Seminyak . Extra charges apply for pick ups from Canggu , Bukit or Ubud area.

Where do we meet for surf trip and how long is trip?

You will be picked up from your Hotel/ Villa and taken to the surf spot with the most suitable conditions, ½ day trips are 6 to 8 hours including travel time. Full day trips are 10 to 12 hours and can be at 2 different surf spots if conditions allow.

Weather (3)

What’s the weather like on Bali?

April to November is the dry season on Bali, with an air temperature of approx. 30°C and 2 – 3 days’ rain a month.
November to April is the wet season on Bali. That means it rains more often than in the previous months, but mostly in the morning or evening, at sunrise or sunset. Then sunshine for the rest of the day. The rain seldom lasts longer than half an hour, but then it does pour down. Somes days are over caste and it can rain during the day, as with weather anywhere it is always a bit of gamble. Sometimes it won’t rain the whole week long and then a few days in a row.

What’s the temperature like on Bali?

All year round the temperature is always around 28 to 30°C during the day with high humidity in the wet season (Nov to March). The rest of the time is low humidity and at night during June, July and August it can cool down to as little as 24°C.

What’s the water temperature on Bali?

The water temperature on Bali is between 26°C (July/August) and 30°C (December/January).
so you can leave your wetsuit at home and just surf in rash shirt and shorts.