Surfing Level

If you don’t know whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer then this should help…

You are a beginner when; you have never surfed before

  • You can catch waves lying down but have yet to stand up
  • You can stand for a few seconds (but have never had a lesson before or had lessons some time ago)
  • You have had a lesson before but would like to go over the basics again

Or have had a lesson before but don’t need to go over basics again

  • You can stand for a few seconds
  • You can ride white water waves to the beach
  • You can turn the board in the white water
  • You are starting to ride unbroken waves (mostly within chest depth or when it’s small)

You are an intermediate when; you can paddle ‘out back’ beyond the breaking waves

  • You can catch unbroken waves and ride them along the wave face
  • You can do a bottom turn
  • You can do a top turn

You are an advanced surfer when….You can do all of the above plus

  • A cutback
  • An off the lip
  • More than one manoeuvre linked together on a single wave.